Let Me Help You Through The Challenge Of Making Changes.

Kelly Smith is a True Pioneer in his industry. He shares his incredible experience with the audience and gives his 7 Strategic Points to help your business prepare for the worst while planning for the best and gaining the rewards of getting on Top in Your Industry!

Why Should You Innovate?

We live in an incredible time. It’s like one never before seen in the history of the world. Companies that don’t keep up with technology can be left behind, but some technology can sink a company, especially if not planned for correctly. How do you choose which one to adopt? What do you need to plan for? What hurdles are there to adopting new technology both from a production and management point of view? How do you get employee “buy-in” on the change? How do you tell your customers about it?

  • Learn the steps to adopting new technology
  • Learn how to plan for unseen obstacles
  • Understand why you are adopting any technology


25 Years of Business Experience

3RD Person in the World with a New Technology

45 – Did work for over 45 Major Companies like Apple, IBM, GM, Disney, etc.

1-Became one of the Biggest Names In the Industry

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Kelly Smith